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What is the importance of reading? The value of reading is when you read, your imagination goes wild. “But how?” you may ask, the answer to that is, when you read a writer’s book or anything, you see how they frame their sentences, you see how writers use their never-ending imagination to make it really fun for you to read and make stunning characters. The people who love to write, they live in their own world, where they write, read, etc. Their own world is a magical and beautiful world filled with ideas to write and their hobby is to read. Reading can also help you write poems, novels, storybooks and more. You could almost make your sentences as attractive and interesting to read as an author’s sentence would be. Reading will give you more and more crazy ideas to write amazing sentences. It can also make your brain sharper than before. You could ask somebody or use the internet to understand words you didn’t know before. You could also use the internet or somebody’s help to learn some word’s synonyms so that you don’t end up repeating the same word over and over again. Reading can make your sentences and paragraphs more descriptive which makes it more fascinating and more amusing to read. Descriptive sentences are more enjoyable to read because you know what something felt like or looked like. But all the things I wrote till now will become true only if you put your heart into reading and understand each word, each sentence, and each paragraph you read. If you want to write even better than ever, I would tell you 4 words: Read, Understand, Write, Repeat.

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