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Lucy the time traveler

Lucy was a small baby who had a totally ordinary life. She was a super cute girl. She slowly started to grow up. She still had an ordinary life as she was growing. When she was a about to be a teenager, she wanted to be a child once more. She wanted to have a lot of fun again not do all the housework instead of living her life. One day she thought to herself

" Oh god... could you please make me child again please." Then suddenly she saw a mixture of colors and she saw herself at the day of her 5th Birthday. She was her own birthday party's guest! She thought "Eeeee, this is so exciting. I'll talk to little me, i'll get to eat my 5th birthday cake twice in different timelines!" So Lucy spend all day at little Lucy's birthday party. And often used this magical superpower of hers to traveled to the future or the past.

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