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What Dancing Really Means To Me......

The cultural diversity of India is something that we all should be proud of. Our traditions are appreciated all over the world now. This is the greatest wealth of our country; more valuable than the minerals and the gems found. Being a classical dancer myself, dance and music attract me the most.

I was four years old when I started off with Bharatnatyam. Before this, my mother used to show me videos of famous Bharatnatyam dancers. Since I was small, I did not know what pulled me towards the dance form. I guess it was the gracefulness of the dance and also that the dancers looked beautiful while dancing. It has been 10 years since I commenced my dancing journey and my perspective of dance has changed a lot. For dancers, it is an alternative way for expressing themselves instead of using words. For me, it is the language of my soul. Dance is my life and passion.

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