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Foreign Language : A stepping stone for your career?

People who are eloquent in different languages always have an upper edge over others.

The demand for people who are proficient in more languages is rising daily. Along with this, following are just some of the main reasons of why more and more people are learning foreign languages and how it is helping them in their career :

1. Preference in job interviews

Getting a new language to the CV boosts the chances of a candidate to get selected amongst other candidates with similar competencies. The ability to speak a foreign language will always give us an upper edge in getting better job opportunities.

2. Creates more job opportunities

In today's scenario where all the businesses are expanding across borders, there is an increasing demand for the professionals who are bilingual or multilingual. The job opportunities for the language experts are available in all the sectors: marketing, tourism, public relations, teaching, management etc.

3. Appeal to global companies:

The companies looking forward to expand their businesses worldwide hire personal translators for their companies. Global companies demand people who have that capability to bridge the communication gap between them and the international market. The companies require professionals who can represent their company in the foreign market and can stay in contact with their clients internationally.

4. Offers higher salaries

As stated above, the demand for the language experts is rising each day. The companies look for people who are eloquent in different languages and can help their business grow. In return, employees command high salaries. Various recruitment companies have stated that learning a new language adds 15-20 percent to your salary.

5. Networking around the world

When we expand our business in foreign market, a foreign language help us to build professional network and increase presence internationally. This also gives us an opportunity to travel around the world.

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