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Corona and Beyond: Education

Change is the only constant. What can be a better situation than the one that we are facing right now.

Adapt, Evolve and Survive is what we have been doing for the last one year and more.

The teaching and learning methodologies have changed. The classroom has changed. There are no boards any more. There is no person standing in front of you and policing you.

What should have come 10 to 20 years down the line has come to our doorstep because of Covid. The pandemic took us all online. Technology has played a huge role in our lives since then. The teachers can teach from anywhere. The student can learn from the comfort of his/her home.

I have always believed that one size never fits all. Everyone has a different way of learning then why were we forcing the children to learn in only one form. Now the lectures can be recorded and the child can keep on going back to it again and again even after the class is long over. Google, YouTube has taken teaching and learning to the next level. The teachers have learnt to make powerpoint presentations, pdfs, animation etc etc. The children were always adaptable and they have adapted very nicely to the new methodology.

The only drawback has been that our social life has taken a toss. We are not able to meet each other physically. We cannot feel the warmth of the smile or the frustration of a concept not getting into our heads. Yes this is a big minus of online education. But the plusses are many more than the negatives.

Now what lies ahead is how to use the best of both worlds and change the education system that has been there for centuries. It is time to change the system for a better one.

Learning should never be forced.

Now learning can happen anywhere, any time and with the help anything.

Covid has changed our outlook towards education

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