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Here I present first chapter of my story, and first attempt of a new writer so please leave your response in the comment section. it will be my great honor.


If you are reading this as you might be one of us then close this book right now. Go back and try to lead a normal life. As becoming one is dangerous it help you to be killed in very dreadful and horrible ways.

But if you are reading this as you think its fiction and all of this had never happened, so read on. But while reading you find something happening inside you or you recognize yourself in these pages then stop reading immediately. You might be one of us. Once you get to know it then they might sense it too and come for you.

My name is Hemant Kathuria

A 15-year normal kid, leading the same routine for my whole life except some special days. My life was going very much normal until this incident happened and my whole life changed.

Did you all ever heard of Illuminati group or any other such devil groups that take your soul and give u everything u want and u are still thinking that they are fake or unrealistic or imagination but you are very much wrong. Why?? U will encounter it ahead.

This all started on a usual day having the same routine for the last time. I woke up at 6 am, then reached school by half-past 7 and school started at 8. The first period began after prayer which is the class teacher’s period as always. Then my friends loudly addressed to the whole class that it’s my birthday which they were not supposed to say as it is so embarrassing you would be called in the front of the whole class and they will sing happy birthday for you in their worst voices and will include different embarrassing names. Then you must distribute toffees or chocolates in the whole class to every single child no matter he/she is your friend, enemy, or you don’t know who is he or she . And then birthday bombs which are the favorite part of my friends or anybody’s friends. All your friends will punch you with all their force your age plus two times and then in the recess time or lunchtime their second most favorite part is the party in the canteen and they buy so much of food that the birthday boy/girl would be in debt for his/her whole school life.

Sorry I flowed with my emotions or I got distracted from the topic, so I had a happy birthday song with all awkward names then distributed toffees, then had birthday bombs and then party. The part I enjoyed in this whole birthday thing was spending time with my friends. My friend group contains 7 people including me. So let us start by introducing all my friends first is Vasudev, an average height, especially good looking, dark color but not that much, star of the school, head of cultural department, cool dude, his jokes makes us laugh the whole day and his stories are hell funny including the parallel dimension story will tell you later, sometimes overreact but is a good person from heart, everybody calls him Vasu, then we come to Vamsi the tallest person in the group, fair n smart, head boy of the school, gives all kinds of advice that will help u, he understands every situation, without his advice or suggestions there is a missing thing in that project whether it is a speech(its always for Sharvani) or a relationship, then we come to Sharvani she is the heart of our group her madness, her laughter, her pranks of stealing pens, books or the whole bag, make us enjoy the whole day, her positiveness, everybody in the group takes care of Sharvani, her height must be 5’7”, the same color as Vasu, she is the head girl of the school, then we come to Kanishk, height approx. 5’12”, fair having heavy moustaches due to some genetic issue, he is the smartest between us in the knowledge of computer hacking tracking etc. he is a tech savvy having a brick thick glasses to wear due to his extremely weak eyesight because of some accident in his childhood, he is a kind person, and had anger issues ,then we come onto Divyansh he comes second in the group when it comes to height, fair , wear glasses, a guy who can insult anyone and everyone, so be aware of him if you screw him he will screw you back, he tries to make every moment fun by his grandpa jokes or if anybody around him makes a mistake saying something he will catch that and say something that you will regret saying it but in a funny way, he is always joking joking and joking but when he is serious means something is wrong, then we come to Deepali, height 5’4”, fair, she is very kind doesn’t understands double meaning jokes , do not say anything wrong to anybody she is a perfect kid that every parent wants, her passions are nail art and Michael Jackson, she is always kind to everybody does some mischief with Sharvani, makes fun of people very few times and in funny manner , she makes every guy her brother, many people around the school has a hidden crush on her but she didn’t knew any of them, and here my friends list end . That was the best time when I celebrated my birthday.

Then I returned to my home and got a surprise party. Everyone was there all the uncles and aunts my whole family I got many gifts but the best one was my grandfather’s metallic wristband or in Punjabi ‘A Kara’ which was worn by Sikhs, you can Google it, you will find it. That wristband was never worn by anyone in the family as it was the last wish of my grandfather and grandmother that it must be worn by their biggest grandson nobody else should wear it.

As I know that my grandfather was the resident of Gujranwala Punjab now in Pakistan and ran from there with his four brothers and was 4th in number in the set of five brothers while running from Pakistan the eldest three brothers were killed and the other two survived and settled in Delhi. Before that in my great-grandfathers or u can say 10 to 20 generations before my grandfather was commander of the army and bodyguard of Guru Gobind Singh. It was a great thing for me to get such a gift and that wristband was magnificent and from the first time I saw it I wanted it but dad always said that you will get it when you will be 15 and now I am. After some rituals, I got to wear it for the first time and was unaware of the dangers or bad forces it will attract but was very much excited to show it to my friends tomorrow.

The next morning I went to school where I was showing off the wristband. Everybody was fascinated with its design and was asking me where I bought it and I said it is my grandfather’s wrist band. After the first four periods in recess, I was eating my lunch and wanted to go to the washroom. I finished my lunch was heading toward the washroom but our corridor's washroom was full. I rushed up to the senior corridor which was very much empty as nobody visited there for years but to the urge, I ignored it and quickly entered the washroom.

When I finished with my work and was washing my hands, I discovered that there is a janitor in the washroom who was not there when I entered. I just ignored him and was in a hurry to reach my classroom. As I left I realized I left my watch in the washroom. I returned but can’t find my watch, I asked the janitor he said t is right there pointing towards the wash basin and it was there lying at one side. I picked it up and as I turned to thank him he was not there. When I started looking for him found him stuck on the roof. First I thought that it is a dream but when he elongated his tongue and I could feel the saliva dropping straight to my face, I started running. As I crossed the washroom and stepped in the corridor. What I saw was impossible and too much scary. I was surrounded by hundreds of janitors which were sort of duplicates of the janitor I saw inside. All of were licking their lips with their elongated tongue. I was stuck between them. All of them were coming towards me from all directions I tried to run but can’t. Every time I tried to escape but failed. I lost my hope of escaping. Then suddenly they all transformed into creatures like devils. One of them said “ today I will eat flesh after centuries” another said “No master wants him alive” I intervened “ what do you want from me I am just a normal kid..” the monster said “ you don’t know who you are but are master knows and he wants you”. Then the all jumped towards me. I closed my eyes , but then I heard an explosion and after which I remember is was sleeping on my desk in my classroom and our math class is going on. When I widened my eyes saw our teacher was standing next to me with an angry look in her eyes. She said “Mr. Kathuria come out of your dream world and get out of the class !!”, which was very much normal to me as occasionally or most of the time in math and SST classes I was found out of the class and that is the time I went to dance room for passing time. So I went to dance room for passing time and a ted talk with our dance teacher. Our dance teacher name is Pooja ma’am, she is like a mother to all dance students which include me Vasu , Kansihk , Hanisha and many other students . I told her about my dream she just said “ it was just a dream Don’t worry and concentrate on studies not English movies they are rotting your brain”. After math period was over I entered my class and talked with my friends about my dream. They all were like I am foolish or mad but Vasu and Vamsi can’t fool me as their face were like they are hiding something or some other thought was worrying them. So I decided to discuss it with my best friend or my partner in crime or my cousin, Rohan. Rohan was in college and my aunt’s son, his college was near to my school. From school, I took the metro or subway to his college which I often take whenever I had a breakdown or want to talk to him. But today the platform was empty not a single spirit was there. For 15 to 20 minutes I was waiting, but no trains arrived and suddenly I saw an old woman with the caretaker of the platform I ran towards him to confirm whether the metro will come or not. As I ran toward them they ran towards me saying “we want him” in there screeching voice. I stopped running and they transformed into same devils I saw in the dream but advanced. I started running in the opposite direction but one of them came in front of me and they both attacked me. One of them has three eyes and four arms with enormous belly fat and he can spill acid from his mouth with red and black burnt skin. The other one had bold same red burnt skin had big eyes and can throw fireballs with his bare hand.

They were both trying to catch me the fat one grabbed me and the other was preparing for a fireball which will finish me in just one shot. But I kicked the fat one in his third eye and started running towards the exit but again they grabbed me and this time I lack strength. This time I was praying please be a dream. Then three men appeared from the elevator with weapons in their hands on had a spear with shield , another with katanas and the mid one had a sword. They furiously attacked the monster. When the came close I recognized them. I said in a weak voice “Rohan, Vamsi, Vasu what are you all doing here…..”


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