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Congratulations Dhruv Gupta
Class 10
No. 1 
Robotics Quiz

One of our students in the news for winning the quiz competition



students, parents and teachers

Shikshaya Namah: takes education very seriously. In 2002 we were committed to the cause of education, in 2021, we are still passionate about it. We have always believed that anyone can teach from the books but the real education comes from our experiences in life. With this in mind we started this small initiative for our parents and children. Online Classes has been difficult but it has its own perks. Now you can indulge your self in the various hobbies that you never had time for.



Consoling souls

Who will console mine ?

Sit ,think and relax 

It’s already nine 

U think it’s easy smooth 


Vicissitudes come over 

Like beauty in the dark 

Drapes life with a thin cover

From sun to gust 

From bloom to wane 

It repeats itself over and over !

Simple and sweet 

We make it harsh 

Grasp the idea ,work on it 

Life is as u live it. 


Name : Rimsha Sheikh 

Class: 12th 

School Delhi Public School, Budgam, Srinagar. 


In my early teenage years,my brother

Was sent with me wherever

I used to go

I don't know why?

Perhaps because my expectations from

Humanity in the world was quite high

Excuse me Mr. who are you to define

How should a girl be dressed?

It's for our interest not for someone

Like you to get impressed!

Respect and imagine a world without HER

Doesn't your existence also go 

Very blur?

But there exists a humiliating group too,

Remember last night,on that street

Wasn't that you?

If you were one of them,then you are

Not a man

Sorry, did I hurt your self esteem?

Actually the fault is mine,I perceived the

Same way this world pretends to seem

Being a girl

Is like a shell with a pearl

Mind you the girl refers to the shell

I think you cogitate as well


Khyati Saini


Andhra Education Society Pushp Vihar

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