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When Words Fail, Music Speaks

Anyone can speak. Anyone can give advice or comfort one another with words. But, no matter what is said, how carefully those words are spoken; they always fail to express one's emotions as deeply as they intend. The mood always differs. And it's difficult to be one hundred percent sure that the speaker is speaking their emotions honestly.

Music gives those words a new tone, a new viewpoint. It gives those words a mood, and the melody of it almost speaks for the words. Music is something powerful, something that can't be defined in one way, because there are so many different definitions for music.

Music can be defined on it's origin, or it's message, or even it's genre. Music, in a sense, is what builds a persons character. People like to use their favourite music to cope through difficult times or to bring a smile to their face. Some just use music to express how they are feeling when they have no other way to explain it. When they can't find the words to say it.

I'd say that music is what makes the world go round. Without it, I'm not sure how I would say half of what I need to say. And I know others who would agree. Words, although often proven useful, can't begin to show the depth of what a good song does when it's stuck in your brain. It's almost strange, how music defines so many people. No matter age, race, religion, sexual orientation, we all use music as an escape from the cruel world we live in. We like to remember the times where we suffered, and the songs we listened to while we found the will to stand back up and go on.

For me, for the people around me, for the world and all of it's occupants, we seem to let go and lose everything, except for our beloved music. Our music is the one thing that we can't seem to get rid of. Yeah, sure, we grow out of some songs that we get sick of, but when we hear them, years later; we easily remember the times where that was our song. The one we ALWAYS had on repeat, and we sing along. We can't help it. Maybe it's because we're 'only human'. Maybe it's because we happen to have memories associated with that song. But I think it's something more.

I think it's that, no matter what feelings we have toward the song, like a true friend, we know that it will always be there when we need it. Music is the one thing that won't judge us when we're hurt or when we cry. The one thing that won't mock us or give us a reason to feel pain. It will just mix and mingle with our emotions and cure all of the negative that resides in our hearts and souls. Music is what we live for. Whether we realise it or not.

We celebrate and honor music everyday, in many ways. We could spend sleepless and painful nights tuning into the band that can make our bleeding hearts pull itself back together and fill us with hope. Or we could tune into that new album from the latest and hottest new singer on the charts and dance around with friends when we just want to take advantage of the happiness that we're feeling.

Of course, this craving for music doesn't just come with your birth certificate. It's an attribute we gain over our lifespan. Over time, we discover this strange and mysterious world of music. We envy the people who write the beautiful lyrics that can tear us apart or build us up again. We thrive in our own imaginations when we find ourselves lost in the melody of our favorite playlist or our favorite band album. And we see the true aspects of our emotions and their depths that we can't see in the heat of the moment when they peak and over boil in the deep subconsciousness of our ever so fragile minds.

I believe that everyone sees this world just a bit differently. Whether it be because of the genre of music that is being played or the emotions that are attached to the song, who really knows?

But no matter how this world is viewed, whether it be a world full of beauty and prosperous life, or they are burning in a raging fire that we can't seem to contain; their is always a mystery behind it that intrigues us to further explore the world we have subconsciously created.

I even gave mine a name, believe it or not. And I may not be the only one who has spent countless hours exploring my own imaginary world. And even if I am, there are others like me who see this imaginary world as a place of speculation and exploration worthy.

When you explore a world of your creation, you're learning more about yourself. That's what music is for. So that you can learn about yourself and bring out the things that are buried deep inside your heart.

Music is the creation of the words of the mind and the sounds and rhythms of the world and everything around us. Each note, like a piece of nature, helps the world grow just a bit more. Each song like a person, with a personality and a story to go along with it. And each story is much, much different from the last.

Music is the gentle breeze beneath our wings. The hope in our hearts. The dreams and the thoughts that we could never say out loud.

Music is our voice

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Prithika Pant
Prithika Pant
Aug 26, 2020

Thank you so much 😊


Anjali Pandey
Anjali Pandey
Aug 26, 2020

For Musicians — " music is inside their blood" Nice... Impressive

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