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The strength of the Ocean lies in the Anonymous Drops

The drops anonymous keeps on falling all around us. They are in the air, soil, everywhere. High up in the atmosphere they form clouds, yet nameless. They fall as rain. Some go back to air, some in soil, and some forming the water table. Yet, without a name.

In the mountains coming down as snowfall. They collect on those icy tops and the poles. Things of white just snow and yet no name.

The mighty sun melting them. They start forming the streams and rivulets.

The mighty rivers are named. Now they have a name. The Brahmaputra, Ganges, Nile, Amazon, Thames etc.

The water coming from everywhere flowing down and down and down finally to merge with the seas and oceans. Forces to reckon with.

Your strength lies in the daily mundane activities that you do. The anonymous activities are shaping your future and one of those days all of these small pieces of hard work would collect to become an ocean and would create your identity.

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