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Chapter 7: For All Ages To Come!

14 Feb 2003: Aayushman was found after nearly 13 hours. Even the strongest of men give up the hope of life, but our hero was a tough nut to crack. He had sustained multiple pivotal fractures, spine sprains, torn ligaments, broken ribcage and what not. In simplest of terms, it was a miracle that he had survived.

He was immediately taken to the City Hospital in Srinagar where he was given immediate treatment. Special surgeons flew in from AIIMS, New Delhi, who operated on him for a whopping 8 hours, using 8 bottles of blood from his parents and Asif Chacha.

“With the greatest surprise, I am happy to announce that we have been able to stitch his organs in place and stop his bleeding.”, the doctor finally announced.

“Is he out of danger or not?” asked Aditi, with more tears of rage than those of pain.

“The next 48 hours are very critical. If he faces a concussion then we would not be able to save him at all. If, somehow, he manages to avoid getting a concussion, then we’ll get him out of danger. I give you my word ma’am.” The doctor replied.

Daniyal and Jasmine stayed with Vihaan and Aditi for the entire night, trying their best to console the couple, who, after seeing their son’s condition, were standing at the door of depression.

When Daniyal and Jasmine reached home the next morning, Meeru was already up in tears. She hadn’t slept the previous night, she couldn’t. Her eyes had gone red with fatigue and moisture.

“How is my Aayushman?” she asked impatiently.

“He is well now. Just that the next 48 hours are very critical.” Daniyal replied honestly.

“In that case, please do not disturb me for that period.” Meeru announced.

“For what my dear?”

“I am going to fight for my Aayushman’s life. I am going to fight ALLAH if need be but I will bring him back.”
As she was about to shut the door, Daniyal asked, “But what if you lose the battle Meeru?”
“Then at the end of two days, I shall be with him in JANNAT Abbu.” Replied Meeru and shut the door with the determination to move mountains.

“Why did you ask this Daniyal?’’

“I had to Jasmine. The world hasn’t opened up on the idea of interfaith weddings. I need to ensure at every step whether my daughter will be able to face the hate or will she crumble! And today, she has erased all my worries forever.”

For two entire days, Meeru performed prayers after prayers, so much so that even in her sleep she would utter nothing but the HOLY NAME.

Forty-eight hours later, everyone who had known “The Royal Tongawalla” gathered in front of the hospital to know the result of the tremendous efforts of the medicines and the prayers.

“A miracle has happened. The man is out of danger.” The doctor shouted in amazement.

Both the families knew that it had been Meeru’s constant devotion that got her love back. So, when the doctor allowed the family to meet Aayushman one by one, Meeru was told to meet him first.

Both cried.

He was discharged after a week of observation. Once at home, he recovered even faster.

All was going well, but Meeru was restless. She was spying on Ibrahim to collect some evidence that could help her prove that he was not a good man.

Aloha!! Destiny took her to the go-down where Ibrahim was hatching the plan of attack and had heard all what he said. Now she knew for sure that he was the main attacker. She accused him in front if everyone when they had gone to Aayushman’s home for a visit.

“You were the one who attacked him.” She shouted.

Ibrahim was shocked to death. He didn’t know how to react. Neither could he call his spirits for help nor was his dad by his side to manipulate the situation into his favour.

“You are mistaken Meeru. Why would I attack him?”

“Because you were jealous of him and you wanted me to accept you as my husband!”

“I’m sorry Meeru, but, at least I have never thought like that. Aayushman has always been a friend……”

“And so, you thought no one would doubt your absence that evening when all this happened.”

While both of them were quarreling, Aayushman stood up.

“Meeru, Ibrahim has been a friend of mine for quite sometime now. I know he wasn’t the one who attacked me.”

“I know you are trying to save him. Just like what his dad did to our families, the son of the snake is doing the same with us.”

Everyone was taken aback but Aayushman stood his ground. This act melted Ibrahim’s heart. He had always been in a position where he could kill people or could overpower them. This was the first time that he was in a helpless position and yet, he didn’t receive the verdicts he had given till now.

“Daniyal Chacha, please tell me all about my past. Meeru has spoken very badly about my father but before getting enraged, I need to know the truth.

“Ok son! I shall tell you everything honestly!”

Saying so, Daniyal took Ibrahim in a room and told everything about how Saqib assumed his master’s position and how he tricked Miyaan Ji.

Ibrahim Broke.

There had been many hardships in life but the one thing that helped him carry himself with pride was the fact that he was Saqib Iblis’ son. But to know what his father had done to reach here ruptured his will to live.

As proudly as he had gone in, he came out with a face hung low.

“I am sorry Aayushman. I had become so mad in love that I wanted to get her at any cost. So, when my dad told me that we had to stop you from harming us, I thought it to be a perfect situation for murdering you and portraying it as an accident. But now I have seen and felt what true love means. I still love Meeru, but now, I will silently leave the valley and never return, so that this hate business comes to an end.”

“Goodbye dear friend!” Aayushman said while the others were standing, staring Ibrahim with red eyes and with hands ready to tear him apart.

But Aayushman led the way to the door and shook hands with Ibrahim before he finally left.

To lighten the atmosphere, the priest came in and declared that Aayushman and Meeru should be married on the 22ND Day Of February, as it was the most auspicious day of the century.

The families teased them and laughed heartily, while they both shied away at the fact that they were going to get married.

The two souls, who had met just three months back were going to tie themselves in the knot of love and formally accept each other FOR ALL AGES TO COME!


List Of Characters:

  1. Aayushman

  2. Meeru

  3. Daniyal

  4. Jasmine

  5. Vihaan

  6. Aditi

  7. Asif Chacha

  8. The Surgeon

  9. Ibrahim Iblis

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