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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Chapter 4: The Blanket Of Pure Love!

03 Jan 2003: The very next day after Meeru first met Aayushman, she saw him standing in front of her gate. He stood there, talking to Kumar and discussing the possibility of Meeru coming or not.

“Heads means she will come! Tails means she won’t come!”, he said.

Kumar neighed in agreement.

He then tossed the coin numerous times and kept swinging between the two possibilities.

In the meantime, Meeru collected some of her books for photocopying, took permission from her mother and went outside, only to find Aayushman playing with the coin.

“Uhhhmmmm! Are you practicing for the World cup?”, Meeru laughed.

Aayushman blushed and said innocently, “No, I was just thinking whether you would come or not!”

“Excuse me?” This time Meeru blushed.

“I meant whether I would get a passenger from here or not.”, Aayushman tried his best to cover-up.

“Shall we go then? To the bookstore in the city?

“Sure! Please hop in!”

Aayushman held Meeru’s hand and made her comfortable. Little did he know that this girl had never allowed anyone except her parents to hold her hand.

Aayushman was given the opportunity only because her heart gave her an instant permission for it.

As of now, both went to the city and came back.

“Bye! See you tomorrow!”, said Meeru as she smiled away at ayushman.

Aayushman simply waved at her. He could not wait for time to fly off and for tomorrow to come.

In the coming days, they met many times.

Meeru suddenly began taking interest in household chores. She began taking the laundry to the washerwoman, going to the haat for procuring the kitchen stores, visiting bookstores for the latest books, etc.

Not that she had realised some passion in her which made her do all this, but it was her zeal to seize each and every opportunity to meet Aayushman.

Aayushman too had stopped taking long-distance trips. He made it a routine to go and stand in front of Meeru’s home so as to be able to meet her under the excuse of taking her somewhere or the other.

The couple was coming close.

On Meeru’s request, Aayushman beautified his cart to an extent that it became unrecognizable. He decorated the interiors with artificial gold, beads, trinkets, cushions, bedsheets, fruits, etc. He had created a “Palace on Wheels” and used to be the happiest when his to-be-Queen used to sit beside him in it.

The valley was witnessing a spring during the winters. While the entire valley was gripped in the cold winds, frosty weather, and tittering teeth, our beloved couple was still warm in THE BLANKET OF PURE LOVE!


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