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What according to me is the role model of science in the modern world? Well, it’s basically technology. I think that because of science experiments and by exploring each and every thing, the scientists\technologists have made our mobile phones, computers, vehicles etc. Scientists are actually explorers, just not in the jungles as you might know. They explore in their own magical world of science which they know as their lab. Their labs hold each ingredient for the new biggest science invention. Science will take technology to the upper level as the future has to come. Scientists have not only made technology, but they have also made other things such as medicines etc. Science, it’s not just technology, it’s more than what you think it is. Even scientists don’t know how many things does science hold. As the future arrives the scientists themselves will know more about what else can science contain. There will never be an end of how far the possibilities reach. Science may be as small as a grain of dust while it can be as big as the sun. Maybe one day the scientists will revive the dodo? Only the gods know what they scientists are planning to do next. I know it’s sometimes dangerous to be a scientist, still I want to be a scientist to know all the possibilities that science can hold.

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