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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Can you actually imagine a life where you can't go to school? School days are the most special days of your life and many people don't realise it.....

In your student life, you get to learn many things, You get to meet the most amazing people in your life who encourage you to learn and then implement them in reality. They are none other than your teachers.

They sow the seeds of knowledge in your minds and each day it grows with the help of the sunshine they emit when they teach. School life is not just about learning academically but with every step, you take you get to learn things from others too, be it your friends or even the sweeper or the gardener of your school. Whenever I step into my school I sense the feeling of joy and happiness because I always believe that I am going to learn something which would, later on, help me and of course, I would be meeting my friends and enjoying with them.

All of us have different opinions about schools. Some might fear the strict attitude of the teachers or do not like the disciplinary system of the schools. Children might feel like a bird caged and not be able to feel free!

But in my opinion, things like these help us build a better future and it will change the way we present ourselves to the world. It is during this time where we learn and grow. So, never take your school life for granted and

stay safe, stay happy and enjoy your school life...

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1 Comment

Manish Prasad
Manish Prasad
Aug 22, 2020

Keep calm and enjoy life

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