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Proactive Student versus Reactive Student

Being proactive is to anticipate a situation before it happens and take measures accordingly.

Being reactive is to take action after the event has occured.

A Reactive Student knows that at the end of the academic session there is always a test to check if the person should be promoted to the next class or not. But there is always a lot of time. We enjoy. We have fun. And just a few days before the examinations we start burning our midnight oil. We study hard. Examinations done. Results out. We have not done well. Parent is angry. Scolding and Shouting. Tears and sadness. The child sits down to study.


What are going to do by studying now? The examinations are already over.

After a few days. Tears forgotten. Scolding forgotten. Embarassment gone. Every thing is the same. The cycle continues.

A Proactive Student

The situation is the same. New session begins. New books. The proactive student knows how to balance life. Starts studying from day 1. Doing 10 sums of mathematics everyday amounts to doing 3650 sums in a year. Reading 10 pages a day amounts to having read 3650 pages a year. In this way this child does not feel the pressure of the examinations. Is well prepared. Also has had fun playing with friends, watching movies etc etc.

Dear students of ours,

Be proactive not reactive. What would be the point of crying after the results are out. Tears cannot change the marks or your level of success but surely your sweat can. Do a little everyday and you would have done a lot in many days.

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