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trigger - thats quite a tricky word..well ever thought whats it like being triggered ?

they never wanna know what triggered you , just the way you reacted ..

imagine if they cant speak about it , will they ever know how it feels to be in it ?

certainly not. All it ever takes for anyone to say something is cheer up, forget it ever happened n act strong. For someone who acts beyond control advices pour in like it's your past right? keep it in the past n move on do you move on from something thats a part of you now. The ones who get triggered are not living in the past..truth is their past lives in them .they have been holding on forever because its never easy letting go ."we" face alexythemia- the fear of expressing your own feelings because we dont trust anyone anymore..we can't for them it might just be another act .

NO, people who suffer are not dangerous, psychotic or suicidal..the ideal word for us is "troubled ".

pills and medication are just an escape not a lifetime solution..we might not even want them in the first place but you always have to act strong to fit in ,right? giving up or holding down for a sec could never be a choice because it turns you weak as they say..

so let me speak for the entire "triggered fraternity" , stop covering up and start coming out ..stop hiding your scars and start embracing them ..stop owing explanations n start loving yourself ..stop making excuses n start finding someone who truly cares..n yes for the world all i would wanna end up saying is that its always the skeptical ones who have had the most of everything- be it pain or strength..we can wear both equally well


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Aditi Gulia
Aditi Gulia

Well written!🙌🏻

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