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Life is like a roller coaster. There are many twists and turns that might really surprise you and your brain might go topsy and turvy. Some incidents are such that they could be a big turning point in your life and can change your life completely. You already know- LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES!!!

Can you actually think of a life without new adventures? In my opinion, life should be adventurous and full of wonders. You never know how you can be involved in something or the other which can make your life the most exciting one. There can be incidents that can emotionally break you down(life cannot be always a happy one after all) but you shouldn't mind all that. Life can give you big lessons and can actually shape up your future.

Life is your creation. Only you can create your life. What you are doing right now will affect your life. Everyone wants a perfect life, but, you know what......all you need is a happy life. Look, I am no philosopher and I cannot tell you more than this because this is your life and it is up to you how you want to live it.

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