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All throughout our life we meet numerous people either for a reason or purpose. And doesn't it seem amazing to meet new people at every walk of our life? Its awful at times when we see people greeting each other in a rather monotonous tone or rude way. As the saying goes 'Your first impression is the last impression', so is it that the human vicinity is not at all worried about their first impressions they cast upon people or is it that they are blindly following a 'God father image' and going just with the flow for the sake of greeting people.

But these impressions by and far helps us to decide who really are our friends or enemies for that matter. At the same time, let's not to forget the fact that the ones who greet you nicely are your true friends for you are unaware of the selfish motives of the person behind their devil minds. So, is that back stabbing a person is just like any other online game that is played to win or proceed to the next level. But even if you win at your motive or proceed to the next stage you will always have that guilt of why you went on with such a cruel strategy.

Will it not bother you the whole of your life? As the saying goes ' MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY NOW AND THEN' , what if the person whom you have betrayed or stabbed upon suddenly pops up in your life without a genuine reason? How would you feel? Or would you be rather scared and bitting off your nails at the moment that he/she might take a revenge against you for karma pays back?

But let's just see the other side of the coin. What if he/she comes to you and says that I have forgiven you for whatever you did with me? You would be in a utter despair of what's happening at the moment. Again as the saying goes,' FORGIVENESS IS A BIG VIRTUE POSSESSED BY A FEW ' , so it is a really big deal to forgive someone who has back stabbed upon you. At the same time, you will only gain by forgiving someone just because it creates a possibility for you going to heaven after death. At least you are saved from the harsh realities of hell!!

Let's look into another perspective. From the time you are born to completing your graduation, finding a suitable job and then living peacefully in your old age, you are blessed with so many memories in each walk of life to gaining or losing, to losing or winning something and the list continues.

But no matter how hard it gets never give up and remember why you started in the first place was our never going attitude at the moment. And one thing for sure we have gained true friends as our lifetime achievement awards or rather memoirs. Starting from the very basic level, i.e., pre- primary school, we made all sorts of pinky promises,to cuttis and abbas and not to forget the artificial tears!!

Then moving on to secondary level, we became little mature but again mischievous one's, to creating cooked-up stories for entertainment purpose or making our teams for the various sports competitions and the list is endless. We moved to the senior secondary level at the end and have had controversies regarding various issues, to supporting our friends in their so called battles and standing up for them in their bad times.....what else could you expect from a loyal and true friend like this. I'm speechless and my heart fills with immemse pleasure and joy to have one such friend.

Although lockdown's haven't sufficied to beat the virus and the Schools still remain shut to curb the spread of COVID-19 , but the memories we have created will continue to persist through thick and thin and I'll cherish those as time passes by. And then just imagine what if by God's will a childhood friend of your's suddenly comes into your life and again you are astonished with God pouring so much love for you.

But trust me, that feeling can't be expressed in words. You just feel on top of the world with catching up with them and then what more can you expect......?

And in the end, I would just like to say that although nothing is permanent in this world but the chapter of life with friends and enemies is heart touching and overwhelming at the same time for it gives you a lesson to respond to challenges independently without accepting it uncritically.

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