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Well, if this is what you have to say about giving board examinations this year, then I apologise as I do not sympathise with you.

As a board student of this year you got time from March 2020 to April 2021, that is 14 months. Not just that the syllabus was reduced by 30% . If you are not prepared with three months extra time and a reduced syllabus how can I sympathise or even empathise with you.

My question to you is, WHY ARE YOU NOT PREPARED? Has the syllabus not been taught by teachers? Did you not get more time to prepare? Did you not have more tools at your disposal to prepare well.

You saved transportation time, nearly 4 hours everyday, travelling to and fro from school as well as your tuitions. You got freely available videos to revise again and again. The syllabus was done more than 6 times.

So, what is the complaint?

Let's look at it from the point of view of most of the students. In the online mode of examinations you cheated rampantly. Well, who asked you to cheat? You knew that you had to learn. Why did you not learn? Why were you not sincere with yourself?

Dear children, you still have time. Start studying. Start learning. You have to give the examinations. That is the only fact that I know.

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