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As students we are asked to just concentrate on the marks. Well, I beg to differ.

Dear Students,

Don’t run after the marks. If there is anything that you need to run after, then that should be a clear understanding of the concept. Pick up a topic and read it, read it very carefully. Don’t just read it, understand it. My teachers when I was in school used to say, “Read between the lines” and we used to laugh. There are empty spaces between the lines. A quizzical look used to be there in all our faces and slowly it dawned to us that words are meaningless if we do not understand it.

Once the topic is thoroughly clear to us we would be able to understand the question and we would be in a position to correctly frame the answer. If our answer is correct we would get full marks for it.

So, I would like to end with: Do not run after the marks, the marks will automatically come according to the work you have put in it.

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