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Education is crucial for all. As we learn, we understand many things in our lives and what causes them. Children develop various skills and enrich knowledge to live a normal way of life. Thus, literacy strongly affects and changes the culture in every country. The pandemic faced by the entire country is not just rough for adults, even more, for the youngsters who are in their budding years of life. Their crucial time of attaining, understanding, experiencing, and interpreting is sadly spent in between four walls. That not only makes them dull but also, develops a sense of resentment towards people around them. To make education available for one and all, online classes have been a respite. Of course, it does come with its limitations but we cannot deny the fact that how convenient it has become to attain uninterrupted education at a single click. So, why not count our blessings by looking at the silver lining, at the time when the world is falling apart. Let us look at some of the advantages that online education offers to all of us :

1. Flexibility and comfort

The most common and appreciative aspect of the online classes is the flexibility of time, it provides us with. Children can study from the comfort of their home, almost from anywhere. A recorded lecture makes it extremely comfortable for the teenagers to cover their classes later if they’d missed any. The minimum attendance criteria need not be maintained anymore. They can miss a lecture if they aren’t feeling well, without a second thought. I feel it's wonderful that a child’s mental and physical health, both are taken into consideration. Many a time, a child is sent off to school even when he/she is feeling low. No more giving excuses to your mom for missing lectures. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Absence of monotonous routine

We can’t deny the fact that fixed school hours for 5/6 days a week becomes tiring and monotonous especially for young teenagers, making them less efficient and productive throughout the day. When a child returns from school and coaching classes, he/she is too tired to try something new. They do not get enough time for the activities that they enjoy doing. That brings us to the next point

3. Extended time for other activities

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Since hours are flexible, a child gets enough time to try a new hobby and activity which they could not otherwise do, because of their rigid school timings. The indoor activities which took a backseat a few years ago have been revived in this pandemic. The additional time for each one of us is nothing less than a blessing. It takes us a step closer to our bigger purpose. And you never know we might end up acquiring our hidden talent or develop a passion for something.

4. Variety of material

As an educator as well as a student, there is no dearth of accessible material that makes any topic comprehensible, no matter how complex it may seem to be. Worksheets, quizzes, videos, pdfs come in handy at all times. We can revise, re-read a topic n number of times for better clarity. We are no more confined to just one teacher for all the topics. Nobody is perfect. A person may be good in Statistics but not necessarily in Mathematics. As a human, one can't remember everything. So, we are just a click away from resolving all our queries. Isn’t that terrific?

5. Lower cost

The overhead and additional expenses incurred that include commuting costs, canteen food, hostels, uniform, stationery have drastically reduced in online education. Obtaining online classes does not burn a hole in one’s pocket. All you need is a good internet connection and a device to make it feasible for all.

6. Being tech-savvy!

We can’t deny the fact that online classes, a few months back seemed to be a distant dream for many of us which have drastically changed, making us learn technological aspects, hereby, transforming a layman to a tech-savvy. Embracing technology is also crucial.

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