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A Year Without School

School is not just a place that gives us knowledge. It gives us friends for life. Teachers who mould the way we look at things. The school is an integral part of our lives. We learn a lot of valuable things from this building which is made up of concrete and bricks.

Well, our normal lives have become abnormal. A year without school.

Look at it as a sabbatical. a new way of life. The only people whom we are interacting with are our parents, siblings, grandparents etc. Now, one has more time to indulge in hobbies and all other things that one was unable to do.

Such a lot of time is saved because we do not have to travel to and fro from home to school. That time now can be utilised for learning music, painting, or anything that we have been putting in the back-burner for quite some time.

Enjoy the Mediterranean Sun while it shines over our lives because very soon all our lives would again become 'rush hour' rushing away to nowhere.

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