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A forgotten word: Independence

The word independence… what can be a better day to talk about it when the whole nation is busy in celebrating the years of freedom. In all these years, we’ve progressed from letters to mails, from calculators to supercomputers, from social gatherings to virtual meetings and a lot.

But what we actually forgotten is the true essence of being independent. Liberty from all those thoughts and fears who have enslaved us in our own mind, trying to bind ourselves to the norms of society which is continuously forcing us to fit in the crowd that has already become a prey to their modern slavery. All they going to do is to criticize you with their crooked and smoky antique glasses which they are not ready to give up at any cost, not letting ourselves to think out of the box.

Unfortunately, many of us are becoming victim of these in lure of having a successful life. Infact, What they are doing is more harm than good, deteriorating young minds!!

It’s completely ok to be different, its safe to be unpopular in the society, its fine to leave the rules and obligations enforced by the society.

Independence is loyalty to one’s best self and principles not of general idols which is the most courageous act to be done for ourselves.

" Be an independent thinker at all times, and ignore anyone who attempts to define you in a limiting way ” - Sherry Argov

None but you are the only one who can emancipate yourself from mental slavery. You don't realize how much you have neglected yourself, until you make yourself a priority again.

Let your soul free from the chains that are holding back, listen to the music the universe is playing for, dance to the rhythm made of your own choices, spread your wings little by little and take a flight to the world that you’ve always imagined for.

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