Fee Rules and Regulations

  • The fees should be paid before or on 10th of every month.

  • Failure to pay the fees in time could make the child inactive in the classes.

  • The fee is a course fee.

  • It needs to be paid in advance.

  • For the demo classes we do not charge any fees (3 classes from the date of joining)

  • After the demo classes the fees should be paid so that the child can continue with the classes.

  • The fee per subject is there in the previous page. Please pay accordingly.

  • The fee is inclusive of extra classes, doubt sessions, test series etc.

  • If the teacher takes a leave due to any reason the teacher takes backup classes for the same. There is no reduction in fees with respect to it nor extra charges will be taken for the back-up class.

  • If the child is absent due to any unavoidable reason, informed in advance to the teacher, the child will be entitled to back up classes without any extra fees.

  • All online resources that is provided to the child is inclusive in this fees only.​

  • The children whose tuition fees fall into arrears, are liable to be debarred from attending classes till the fees are paid.

  • Non-payment of fees for an entire quarter will automatically result in the student’s name being struck off the institute’s attendance register.

Fee refund

  • One clear calendar months’ notice in writing must be given before a pupil can be withdrawn to be eligible for fee refund.

  • Refund of fees shall be made in accordance to the number of months the student has studied or the syllabi completed.



Points to be kept in mind while paying

1. Please scan the QR code.

2. You can use Wallet, Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI or Online methods to make the payments.

3. In the description section please mention

    a. Child's name

    b. Class

    c. Amount paid

4. After you have made the payment, please do share the same with our Accounts Team. Phone: +919205705792

5. For any kind of help please feel free to call us.

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