Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. – Malcolm X

Empowering our students today with the power of knowledge and understanding, so that tomorrow they stand strong on their feet and leave their imprints in whatever they do, motivated us to lay the foundation of Shikshya Namah.


Our journey began on July 15, 2002. When we took our first step, we decided to put in our heart and soul to give the best education to the next generation by teaching them and helping them grow into better and stronger individuals.


When we teach our children, we help them broaden their horizon, we help them perceive things from different angles, we encourage them to think, and we motivate them to work on theories and ideas that may be a product of their own minds.


For us education is sacred and imparting it to students is an even more sacred task. As they say, if you want to live forever then pass on your knowledge. Apart from this, we wanted to bring a change in the rapid commercialisation of education. We also wanted to ensure that education should fit everyone's pocket, without compromising on quality.


For us, education is not just limited just to books. It is a life-learning and a life-long growth process. It should bring happiness. For us, our students are like seedlings whom we nurture and help them grow into blooming plants.


Our Teachers


Our teachers are the pillars of Shikshya Namah. They are not just experts in their fields but also have a flair for teaching. Our teachers come from different parts of the country with the single aim to impart knowledge to help our children grow.


For them, each child is special and equally important. They work together with the parents for the child to help them to realize their goals and achieve their dreams.


Our Presence


From being a physical education center, we have moved on with the changing time and have forayed into the online world making our classes available for one and all. We are no more limited to a single city or town.


Our faculty comes from different parts of the country and so do our students. We have children not just from across the county but also from around the world and we work with them with the single aim to empower them with infinite knowledge.


We provide classes for all grades and for all subjects offering personalized to group classes depending on the requirements of the child.​

Right now we are providing online, live, interactive tuitions/coaching/remedial classes from 1 to 12 for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB etc.

Shikshaya Namah:

Worshipping Education since 2002


  • Is to make good human beings out of our children.

  • Children who just do not follow but lead by good example.

  • We want them to become critical thinking individuals.

  • They should have the power of lucid reasoning.

  • The children should be able to walk the path of success without judging their abilities or capabilities.

  • Make them do well in life rather than force them to do well.

  • A child should be able to derive joy from whatever he/she does.

  • They need to learn adaptability: a square peg in a square hole and a round peg in a round hole.

  • Children need to be responsible and law-abiding citizens.

  • The young minds should know the taste of success in academics / co-curricular / extra-curricular activities

  • We need to have a personal space as well as space for mingling around happily with the society.


Our mission is to provide wholesome education at a fee that fits everyone's pocket.